Red Veins, Milia and Skin Tags can make you feel self conscious - they can easily be removed!


With age sadly the skin gets thinner making the veins under the skin much more visible, these are known as Red Veins.


Milia are small white spots also known as keratin cysts, which generally appear around the eyes, eyelids and the cheeks.  


A Skin tag is a flap of tissue which hangs onto skin by a stalk.  They are usually the size of a grain of rice, however, can be bigger.  They are generally not painful, but again in the wrong place can make you feel unattractive.


Age spots are the result of an excess production of melanin, due to age, sun exposure or other forms of ultra violet exposure


Beauty Line can eradicate Red Veins, Milia and Skin Tags with the use of a top of the range Sterex Electrolysis Machine.  Most are carried out within seconds, and produce brilliant results.