Prenatal Massage has many benefits for both you and your unborn baby - read on to see why

This massage can be carried out in your own home at a suitable time for you - leaving you to fully relax when it is complete.  Or you are welcome to enjoy it in the salon.  Please call Maggie on 07846 995912 to book and please don't hesitate to ask any further questions you may have.

Prenatal massage can begin as soon as you have had your 12 week scan.

There has been extensive studies and it is proven that the physical benefits not only include decreased aches and pains (which can seem ongoing and forever changing), but also decreased swelling/oedema in your arms and legs due to improved circulation and stimulation of the lymphatic system.

Pregnancy massage has also been found to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, whilst increasing the release of endorphins, which will not only benefit you but your baby too.

As it is easy to adjust your posture and seated/sleeping positions during pregnancy to make you feel more comfortable you begin to get built up tension.  Not to mention your body is naturally changing shape too, this adds more muscle tension.  A professional prenatal massage will relieve this along with improving the blood circulation - essention to you and your bump.

Ladies we all know about the "hormones" during pregnancy don't we?  A pregnancy massage can aid reduced cortisol and norepine, otherwise known as the stress hormones.  However, there is an increase in seratonin and dopamine, which is important to keep up as low levels of these can cause depression.

Swelling is due to a reduction in circulation!  A massage will encourage stimulation of the soft tissues which will reduce the collection of fluids found in swollen joints.  The lymphatic system then works better to increase tissue waste removal.

During pregnancy the uterus pushes on the upper and lower leg muscles, this can result in nerve pain, which can cause swelling in your legs, thereby pushing on other nerves in the area, massage can help ease and relieve this pain.

There are many other benefits to pregnancy massage which you may not realise until you experience it for yourself - imagine feeling so relaxed that you even get a good night's sleep...........

All this comes at a fantastic price of £20 per session.