Fantastic device to smooth rough, dry and cracked skin on the feet to leave them beautiful in seconds.  Can be used as a treatment on its own or incorporated into a full pedicure.


The Micro Pedi Professional is exclusive to salons, spas and beauty therapists.


Beautiful smooth feet can be achieved using the Micro Pedi with minimal effort.


This device uses a unique micro-mineral roller which spins 360 degrees, up to 47 times per second and gently removes the hard and rough skin.


Much nicer experience than files, graters and metal scrapers, also providing a smoother finish.


There are 3 interchangeable rollers of different coarseness for all client requirements.


The device is small and cordless making it suitable for mobile use.


If you have dry, cracked heels this can work alongside the Callus Peel or as an alternative treatment.  The roller can remove hard dry skin from all over the feet, allowing smaller areas to be treated as well as the larger heel area.


A popular choice is to incorporate the Micro Pedi into a full pedicure, this works by using the Micro Pedi first, then enjoying the benefits of a full pedicure to ensure your feet are super smooth, soft and ready to face the world!