Massage can be used for medical therapy or pure relaxation throughout the body.  Below are more details about each type of massage offered at Beauty Line.  


Please feel free to enquire about other types of massage you may have experienced which are not listed here.


Weight Loss Massage


The weight loss massage helps you relax and promotes well being, eliminating toxins in the body.  This is done in a safe relaxing way.  A popular and effective alternative to colonic irrigation/hydrotherapy.


Waste material in the colon can cause problems, making you feel tired with headaches, bloating etc.  This treatment helps to detox your system, giving you a feeling of well-being, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.  The massage is always carried out with care and respect.


Treatment Time - 40 Minutes


Indian Head Massage


Working on the head, scalp, back, neck and shoulders - helping to ease tension and stress.


Treatment Time - 30 Minutes


Aromatic Swedish Massage



Back, neck and shoulders, a totally relaxing massage to help you unwind and de-stress.


Treatment Time - 30 Minutes


Aromatic Swedish Massage - Full Body


Helping to improve the blood & lymphatic circulation, skin and muscle tone and can aid weight loss.


Treatment Time - 60 Minutes


Face Lift Massage


Includes double cleanse, tone, specialised mask and massage to lift the facial muscles using cold marble stones.


Treatment time - 30 Minutes