Why not indulge in a beautiful manicure and pedicure.  


At Beauty Line we use OPI and Orly nail polish, a good quality, long lasting lacquer allowing you to show off your hands and feet after a healthy and soothing treatment.


It is essential to protect your skin and prevent it from becoming dry, rough or chapped.  Within this it is essential to also protect nails to prevent them from breaking, flaking, splitting, becoming strained and overgrowth of cuticles.


With this in mind a manicure ideally should be carried out every 10 days, and a pedicure every month to ensure the skin and nails on the hands and feet are well looked after, this can help prevent problems from either developing or re-occurring.  In between a manicure and pedicure it is also very beneficial to carry out your own home treatments, this includes using cuticle oil and moisturiser daily.


Both manicure and pedicure procedures have the following benefits.


  • Prevention of infections
  • Cuticles are looked after
  • Hang nails can be prevented
  • Nail damage is prevented, such as splitting and tearing
  • Healthy skin without any infections
  • Smooth healthy nails, which also have a beautiful cosmetic appearance

All Beauty Line full manicures and pedicures will consist of hand/foot soak, cuticle tidy, nail tidy, hard skin exfoliator on the foot, massage with nourishing foot lotion all finished of with base coat, two coats of colour and top coat.


You can opt for a 'Deluxe' which will consist of a deeply moisturising mask.   The mask is applied to the hands or feet, covered with a specially designed plastic covering, then mitts or booties to add warmth.  This is left for 10 minutes to then provide intense moisturisation, can increase circulation and improve skin texture.


After the mask has been removed and cleaned away from the skin, a relaxing and rejuvenating foot/hand cream is then applied whilst carrying out a massage.  Massage has many benefits, circulation is improved, relaxation is encouraged and the blood supply is stimulated, which in turn will improve the muscle tone.  All this also brings a fresh blood supply to the area, bringing with it nutrients which aids cleansing of the skin.  Massage has a great effect on the whole body.


If you don't have time to indulge in a full manicure and pedicure we also offer a mini manicure/pedicure.  This is simply a file and polish, great for a quick fix!