Gelish Hard Gel

Gelish Hard Gel is a nail system suitable for everyone, natural nails can easily be achieved by having GHG sculpted over your natural nail.  It is possible to create long lasting beautiful nails with a length to suit you and your lifestyle.

Gelish Hard Gel is the solid type gel which provides a tough enhancement with a natural feel.

These can be easily removed by a professional leaving no damage to the natural nail, therefore perfect for a one off special occasion/holiday.  However, they are also suitable for continuous wear requiring fortnightly maintenance, which consists of removal of the colour chosen by the customer, cuticle tidy, GHG tidy by means of gently filing over any areas which need attention, and a new layer of Gelish Hard Gel applied over the new nail growth.  This not only encourages healthy nail growth but also checks for damage which may have occured during wear which may not be noticeable when colour is applied over the top.

Gelish Hard Gel is cured (dried) under a LED lamp during stages of application.


It is important to apply a good cuticle oil to your cuticles and very importantly under your free edge (nail tip) each day to maintain healthy nails and promote growth.  This will NOT cause lifting to your product.  Please ask Mari for further details including where to purchase cuticle oil.

  • When you are washing up or gardening wear gloves
  • Wear gloves when applying fake tan
  • Wash your hands after applying suncream
  • Avoid S.P.F products, tinted lotions and hair colour on your new nails as these can discolour the product, always wahs hands thoroughly after use or wear gloves
  • If you have caught or broken a nail, please make an appointment for a repair
  • Your nails have been applied by a professional, for the best care they shoudl also be removed by a professional.  If you do decide to remove your nails yourself, please ask for a removal kit and instructions.
  • Do not pick, peel or bite your nals they are not indestructable.  Gelish is designed to create an adhesive bond to the natural nail plate and if picked will cause damage to the natural nail
  • Book your maintenance appointment for 2-3 weeks time to avoid dissapointment
  • Use the pad of your fingers rather than your nails for open car door, making beds etc
  • If wearing a French or pale colour please be aware when using tanning products you should wear gloves to prevent staining of the colour
  • DO NOT file your nails unless absolutley necessary, take care to file gently and finish in a downward stroke
  • Avoid exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals such as cleaners or acetone based nail polish removers.  These can start to break down the surface of Gelish and may cause lifting and staining
  • Finally take care of your nails!  They are not indestructable, but by keeping to these points you can ensure your Gelish/GHG or Acrylic will stay as fresh as the day it was done!