Gelish, a gel nail polish, is a great nail system that will not smudge, chip or peel and can last for up to 3 weeks.  In essence it's the perfect long lasting manicure!


Fancy beautifully manicured nails that may not chip, smudge or peel, are very durable and can stay this way for up to 3 weeks?  This is a fantastic way to ensure your nails always look beautiful!


Gelish has been produced in such a way that it will not damage your nails, but instead it will protect them, making them stronger and healthier.  If you want long nails but don't think you can grow them - you can with Gelish.  Try it and see, the benefits to your nails are ongoing giving you beautiful nails.


As soon as you have received your treatment your nails are completely dry, meaning you can rummage in your bag to find your keys and not have to worry about ruining your well manicured nails.


Gel nail polish actually protects your nails rather than harm them.  This means that they are more likely to grow and become stronger whilst Gelish is applied.


There is a large range of colours to choose from which is ever increasing. You can keep up to date with the colour choices on our facebook page


Gelish ideally needs to be removed professionally, this takes approximately 20 minutes, re-application can be carried out when regrowth is apparent to ensure your hands remain looking beautiful.


Come and see for yourself how wonderful this nail system is and how Gelish can work for you.

Please look at the Gelish Hard Gel page for important information on Aftercare.