Naturopathic Anti-ageing Facial

The ageing process is sadly accelerated by the harsh chemicals we all use on our skin, from make up remover to the make up itself, the majority contain harmful substances which can leave skin looking dull and lifeless.

Our naturopathic facial includes only natural ingredients which will help to leave your skin looking healthy and vibrant.

The naturopathic facial includes the use of pure vital oils, with the bio-dynamic benefits of essential oils and plant extracts.  These ingredients are farmed and refined without being tampered with or the quality altered in any way.

This facial will include a double cleanse and tone, followed by an exfoliation, after this a face mask will be applied, followed by another cleanse and tone, then a relaxing face massage all finished off with a luxury naturopathic moisturiser.

Deluxe Facial

A deluxe facial is the same as above application with a steam cleanse included after the exfoliation stage.