Collagen Induction Therapy Using Derma Pen


It's big news in Australia and the US, and now we are delighted to bring this much talked about technology to our salon.


We would all like smooth, young looking skin, well lets go to the basics and talk about a very important protein that we have in our skin called Collagen.  This is what gives our skin its elasticity.  Our body naturally produces collagen, especially as we are growing up, production peaks at the age of 20, after that its all down hill.  That's why we need to take care of our skin as soon as possible.


In order to regenerate the production of collagen in cells the derma pen creates micro injuries to the skin, thus stimulating fibroblasts.  Your body will then naturally complete the job by creating collagen to this area, in turn you are left with rejuvenated, healthier looking and feeling skin.  It minimises pores, treats acne scars and other scared tissue, tightens, lifts and fills to rejuvenate your skin - all with minimal discomfort and recovery time.


Please give Maggie a call on 07846 995912 for further information and any questions you may have about this fantastic treatment.