Cosmetic Tattooing is also known as Permanent Make-up.  It can last for years - just imagine waking up looking perfect every day!


Permanent make-up is a fantastic way to ensure you look great at all times, with minimal effort.  It will not rub or become smudged, is waterproof and as it's permanent will not need to be removed at the end of the day!


Cosmetic Tattooing can benefit many people for a whole range of reasons, for example; it's great for those who suffer allergies from over the counter cosmetics, or anyone who is visually impaired.  Also a great help for sufferers of alopecia or if chemotherapy has caused loss of eyebrows.


Aside from the above permanent make-up is great for adding definition, reshaping eyebrows or lips, recreating eyebrows after over plucking, can camouflage scar tissues, and above  all can save lots of time in the morning and throughout the day without having to reapply.  And how about having a beauty spot too!


Filled out eyebrows and well drawn eye liner can take years off a face!


A consultation will be carried out prior to the cosmetic tattoo, a patch test will also be required, this will be arranged at the time of booking.


Cosmetic tattoos can take up to 2 hours depending on the procedure you require.  Some treatments may require a top up after a period of time, this will also be discussed during the consultation.


Please do not hesitate to call and ask any further questions you may have.