Hopi Ear Candles help to clear your head


Navel Candling aids the stomach


Both treatments are a great alternative way to reduce stress and anxiety


Hopi Ear Candles


Known as an alternative medicine, hopi ear candles can also be known as ear candling or ear coning.  They are made from natural ingredients.


A hollow tall candle is inserted into the ear with the client lying sideways i.e. on the opposite ear.  The candle is set alight at the top and gradually burns down to self extinguish at a safe distance from the skin, thereby preventing burns.  However, the candle and client are monitored at all times.  As the candle burns it acts like a chimney drawing out impurities.


Hopi ear candles are used to calm the mind, soothe the head and ears and can help with blocked sinuses and ears, whilst also easing headaches and hay fever.


Only when there are grommets, infection or inflammation should the hopi ear candles not be used.


The session time for hopi ear candles can be from 15-45 minutes.  Candles burn at different times on each individual. 


Navel Candles


Navel candles are made up of beeswax and honey extracts with a small amount of essential oil.  It is placed over the navel and gently burns down whilst offering many benefits:


Ovary function deterioration is the main cause of dull skin, anxiety and stress in women.  That is why ovary maintenance is extremely important. By having a regular navel candle treatment, you will feel less stressed, not only that - your skin will glow!


The burning process through the navel opening stimulates the ovary functions, benefiting ovary maintenance, which is very effective in improving menstrual disorders, menstrual pains, spots and blemishes.  A fantastic benefit of navel candling is that it also aids weight loss.


Organic functions are strengthened, lifting up mental alertness and increases libido.  Warms blood to improve circulation and increases immunity.  Metabolism is increased, and constipation relieved.  Reduces bloating, detoxifies and improves general health, promotes good digestion.  Improves overall well being.


Treatment time is approximately 45 minutes.