Beauty Line has a range of Eyebrow and Eyelash Treatments on offer 


Some of the treatments below may require a patch test 24 hours prior, however, this will be discussed during booking.


Tinting is very popular for both eyebrows and eyelashes.  It creates a defined look for the eyes and face.  Tinting does not smudge or run making it a great alternative to make-up.  The colour of the tint can be adjusted according to your requirements and your own tones.  The lashes and brows are gently coloured using natural dyes.


To accompany this an eyebrow wax can be provided, that is if you prefer waxing to threading (see threading page).  eyebrow waxing can help create a defined well shaped brow by using warm wax, followed by the hair removal.  Results of waxing can be enjoyed for up to 8 weeks. Please note however, that on some occasions regrowth can appear as early as one week.


Eyelash perming is a great way to ensure your eyelashes look longer and fuller without having false eyelashes applied.  The effect can be noticed for up to 8 weeks.  A special solution is applied to the lashes and a small roller is used.  It is left for 15 minutes to set.  an eyelash perm gives the appearance of bigger wider open eyes.


Express eyelashes are a great way to create fuller and longer eyelashes which can last for up to 2 weeks.  They are applied to your own lashes, and create a unique glamorous look which cannot be achieved with mascara.